# CV

Emma Park (Miseon) – Artist 



2013 Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts de Nantes Métropole. 에꼴데보자르 낭뜨
DNAP (diplôme national d’art plastique) 국가 공인 실용미술 디플롬 취득, 학사 졸업


2011 PRIX ART SCHOOL : 2nd Prize in the Art Contest hosted by Canson® (French manufacturer of fine art paper) : 프랑스 제지회사 캔손(canson) 주최 아트스쿨 공모전 수상(페인팅 부문)


2021 – Festival for Art, Technology & Society ‘ARS ELECTRONICA 2021’, NYC, USA

2021 – Group exhibition ‘Marriage alliance of art & money’, Seoul, Korea

2021 – NFT Group exhibition ‘Renaissance Protocol’, NYC, USA

2021 – Group exhibitions ‘NFTs.TIPS Miami‘, concurrent with the Bitcoin Conference, Miami, USA

2021 – Group exhibition ‘NFT Villa‘, Villa hamilton, KOTE (2 venues), Seoul, Korea

2020 – Solo exhibition ‘Strange Zoo’, Seocho Yangjae Library, Seoul, Korea

2020 – Duo exhibition ‘I long to see your face’, Marine Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2020 – Solo exhibition ‘Grave of Images’, N/A gallery, Seoul, Korea

2017 – Collaborative exhibiton ‘Trop familier‘, Pekota Korea, Seoul, Korea

2015 – Group exhibiton ‘W.W.W(wonderful Web World)’, Gallery Alain Le Bras, Nantes, France

2015 – Group exhibition ‘Carnival’, Gallery Hash, Paju, Korea

2014 – Group exhibiton ‘Behind Story series 2,3’, Project B Gallery, Beomeo Art Street, Daegu, Korea

2014 – Group exhibiton ‘Hand drawings(손그림전)’, iGong, Alternativa Visual Culture Factory (대안문화영상 발전소 아이공), Seoul, Korea

2013 – Group exhibiton ‘Peu familiar’, SPACE OF ART, ETC(그문화 갤러리), JENNIFERSOFT Gallery, Space NoWave, Gallery Artmonde (4 galleries) Seoul, Korea

2012 – Group exhibiton ‘Salon ARBUSTES’, Agora, Mantes la jolie, France

2012 – Group exhibiton ‘Memoire d’elephant’, Gallery l’ATELIER, Nantes, France

2011 – Group exhibiton ‘PRIX ART SCHOOL‘, Batofar, Paris, France

Artist Statement

Emma PARK is a multidisciplinary artist from South Korea. She studied fine art in France and holds her DNAP from École des Beaux-Arts de Nantes. She is working in acrylic paint, 3d objects and digital art. Her main theme is about relationships and desires in the online and offline world, and the gap between them. She is a co-creator of the generative NFT art ‘the project URS’ and also interested in the culture of DAO-type networks in the NFT market.